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INTL Realty Partners is an Atlanta real estate firm that specializes in developing and restoring properties. 


Our goal at IRP is to help you make money from Atlanta's booming real estate market without the hassle or responsibility of doing it on your own.


Joint Venture Partners of IRP contribute to current and future projects, profit on investments and have priority access to multi-million dollar enterprises.

1. Passive income to your account.


2. Secured portfolio backed by real estate.


4. Ownership in Partnership ventures.


5. Regular notifications on project developments.


6. Priority on upcoming commercial, residential and land Partnerships.


7. Access to IRP's vast network of resources.

IRP is the number one resource for achieving your investment goals with the security of real estate.


We provide passive income opportunities for our Partners that yield 300% returns over stocks, bonds, IRAs and mutual funds.


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Chris, CEO

INTL Realty Partners